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Work not performed in 2007



Work for upper voices given many
performance in weekday services.



Work written for, or commissioned for the choirs.



First performance of work written for us, or commissioned by the choirs


The following lists works sung by the Choirs of All Saints in 2008; a rough calculation shows that the Choir sang around 20 hours worth of choral repertoire over the year, with a number of the works receiving more than one “outing”. The Choirs were delighted to give the first performance of a commissioned Passion by David Bednall and two of three commissioned Motets by Ian Colson. The Choirs also gave the first performance of works by our Choristers – Responses by Alistair Donaghue and an Anthem by Robert Mills, and of Barry Ferguson’s “Make here a little quiet” in memory of,

and setting words by, Canon Judith Rose, the late wife of our Honorary Assistant Priest, Canon Paul Rose. Next year they give the first performance of the final Colson motet, and of our 2009 commission “The All Saints Evening Service” by Barry Ferguson.


At our 10:30am Choral Eucharist the Choir sing the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei;
the Creed is said. During Advent and Lent the Gloria is omitted, the Benedictus is omitted in some of the
longer Classical settings, and in Dvořák, Tye and Vierne the Kyrie is either not present (Tye), or is
omitted because of the length of the Gloria.

Archer Missa Omnes Sancti#

Missa XVIII, Deus Genitor alme (All Saints Singers)*

Byrd Mass for four voices

Mozart Missa Brevis in D, K194

Chilcott A Little Jazz Mass (SSA)

Mozart Krönungs-Messe, K317*

Darke in A minor*

Palestrina Missa Brevis

Dvořák Mass in D (with Alcock Sanctus in A)

Perrin Missa Brevis

Haydn Missa brevis Sancti Ioannis de Deo

Schubert in G*

Haydn Missa Sancti Nicolai

Shephard Mass of the Nativity

Howells Collegium Regale

Stanford in C, F & G

Howells in Eb (Unison, All Saints Singers)*

Stravinsky Mass*

Jackson in G

Tye The Mass Euge bone

Langlais Messe solennelle

Vaughan Williams in D minor*

Langlais Missa in simplicitate

Vierne Messe solennelle

Missa XI, Orbis factor*

Wood in the Phrygian mode

Missa XV, Dominator Deus


The Canticles are sung at our Choral Evensong services at 6:00PM on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (34)

Archer Berkshire Service

Moore Second Service+

Bairstow in Eb+

Morley Fauxbourdons*

Brewer in D*

A. Noble Fauxbourdons*

Britten in C (Te Deum* & Jubilate)

T. T. Noble in B minor (New York version)

Byrd Second Service

Murrill in E

Dunleavy St Peter’s Service#

Noon Second Service+

Dupré Magnificat (alternatim) from op. 15*

D. Purcell in E minor

Dyson in C minor+

Rawsthorne Liverpool Service*

Dyson in F

Stanford in A

Gardner in D

Stanford in Bb

Gibbons Short Service*

Stanford in C

Howells Collegium Regale

Stanford in G

Ireland in F (Te Deum & Benedictus*)

Sumsion in G (ATB)

Jeffcoat Third Service

Thiman in G+

Kelly in C

Tomkins Fifth Service

Long in F

Walmisley in D minor*

Moore First Service

Watson in Eb+


This year the combined choirs performed Bach’s Wachet auf! on Advent Sunday and gave the first
performance of our David Bednall’s Passion of St Matthew for soloists, two choirs and two organs. The
Boys and Men sang three complete performances of Fauré’s Requiem and the Girls and Men sang a
complete performance, with instrumental ensemble, of Rutter’s Requiem. The Boys and Men sang their
first complete performance of Handel’s Messiah with orchestra and soloists, and the Boys joined the
Choir, Orchestra and Soloists of Fiori Musicale, for a performance of Monteverdi’s Vespers as part of
Northampton’s Venezia Festival.

Bach Wachet auf! BWV 140*

Handel Messiah (complete)*

Bednall Passion of St Matthew*#FP

Monteverdi Vespers (1640)*

Fauré Requiem

Rutter Requiem


On weekdays the Responses are sung to Plainsong, and on Sundays to settings. In addition the Choir sings a setting of the Gospel Responses at the Choral Eucharist, which are either set by the composer of the Mass Setting, or have been composed for the Choir to match the Mass Setting. (10)


Pinel (set one)#

Clarke (SSA)#








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