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The Choirs of All Saints' Church

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A brief biography of Peter Foggitt, the new Director of Music from September 2014 at All Saints’ Church.


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The Choirs of All Saints Northampton
Directed by Lee Dunleavy
Organists : Richard Pinel, Stephen Meakins
Recorded in St Mary’s Church, Wellingborough, 2010.
Price: £10.00


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OMNES SANCTI features the Boys, Girls and Men of All Saints performing thirteen works commissioned or written for the choirs. The booklet that accompanies the disc includes comprehensive notes on the works performed and the artists featured, and full texts and translations can be downloaded here. We were delighted to record once again in the wonderful acoustics of St Mary’s Church in Wellingborough, where their Hill Organ (specification) has recently been restored, and a Trombone stop from a former organ at All Saints has been added. The disc concludes with the first recording of the original scoring of Malcolm Archer’s Missa ‘Omnes Sancti’, for choir and two antiphonal organs. During the restoration of the Hill Organ St Mary’s hired a large instrument (specification) from local digital organ builder, Copeman Hart, and we were delighted to unite these two organs for the first time, installing the digital instrument at the West end of the Church.

1. O praise God in his holiness (BM)

David Bednall (b. 1979)

2. Jubilate Deo in E (GM)

Gordon Lawson (b. 1931)

Little Mass of All Saints (B)

Adrian Self (b. 1952)

3.   Kyrie eleison     2:35
4.   Gloria in excelsis Deo     3:39
5.   Sanctus and Benedictus     2:40
6.   Agnus Dei     1:42
7.   Bread of the world in mercy broken (GM)

 John Hoyle (b. 1959)

8.   O soft self-wounding Pelican! (G)

Stephen Hough (b. 1961)

9. O living bread (BM)

Ian Colson (b. 1966)

The All Saints’ Service (G)

Barry Ferguson (b. 1942)

10.   Magnificat     3:49
11.   Nunc Dimittis     2:26
12. Drop, drop, slow tears (BM)

Robert Walker (b. 1946)

13. Dominus illuminatio mea (GM)

Matthew Martin (b. 1976)

Two Benediction Hymns (B)

Norman Caplin (b. 1925)

14.   O salutaris hostia     2:16
15.   Tantum ergo sacramentum     2:17
16. Ave Maria (BM)

James MacMillan (b. 1959)

17. May the road rise up to meet you (GM)

Russell Jackson (b. 1962)

Missa ‘Omnes Sancti’ (BGM)*

Malcolm Archer (b. 1952)

18.   Kyrie eleison     3:12
19.   Gloria in excelsis Deo     5:39
20.   Sanctus     1:19
21.   Benedictus     2:29
22.   Agnus Dei     3:54

(B = Boys, G = Girls, M = Men)
* Richard Pinel (Grand Orgue) with Stephen Meakins (Orgue de Choeur).

With the exception of tracks 1 and 18-22, all works receive their first commercial recording on this CD.

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