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History of the Church

A brief history about All Saints' Church and King Charles II. You can also read about the Consistory Court.

People of All Saints

Past vicars, John Bales and a short piece about the Northamptonshire Pastoral poet, John Clare.

The American Connection

An explanation of our connection to early settlers of Virginia and New England.

Ring of Ten Bells

A brief history about the church bells and their current Company of Bell Ringers.

Thomas Dawes Dial Clock

The history of Thomas Dawes and his dial clock.

Gallery Organ

Information about the Walker & Sons Ltd. Gallery Organ.

Chancel Organ

Information about the Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Chancel Organ.

Chapel Organ

Information about the J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. Chapel Organ.









Until August of 2006 the tower contained a peal of eight bells cast by Chapman & Mears in London in 1782. These bells were rehung by Webb and Bennett of Kidlington, Oxfordshire in 1905, and again by Taylors of Loughborough in 1935 when they were retuned, but any one who rang on them, especially in later years, will remember them as being a tough job. Good striking was extremely difficult due to the flimsy frame and tower sway and any touch was a challenge.

Due in the most part to financial support from an anonymous charitable trust, with additional funding from many individuals and the Peterborough Diocesan Guild Bell Restoration Fund, these bells were replaced in 2006 by a new peal of ten bells. On the advice of a structural engineer the new bells are lighter than their predecessors and hang on one level. Taylors Eayre and Smith Limited of Loughborough were entrusted with the job of casting and hanging the new bells and foundry staff are to be congratulated on an excellent job. Ringing at All Saints is once again a pleasure, and the sound of the ten bells is beautiful!

The bells were blessed by the Rector on Sunday 20 August 2006 before they were hoisted up into their new frame, and rung for the first time on Thursday 21 September. They were dedicated by the Bishop of Richborough at the Festal Eucharist on All Saints' Day. Each bell is named after one of the ten chapels in the original pre-1675 church and these are, from treble to tenor:
 Name Note Weight  Inscriptions

Ad cenam agni providi | Stolis salutis candidi | Post transitum Maris rubri | Christo Canamus principi

F# 4-2-2

Ave maris stella | Dei mater alma | Atque semper Virgo | Felix coeli porta

 ST ANNE E 5-0-2

Good St Anne | Mother of her who is | Our life and sweetness | And our hope | Pray to her for us

 ST OSYTH D# 5-2-2

Deliver us | From fire, from water | And from all misadventure

 ST JAMES C# 6-0-4

Lord | Who shall sit beside thee | Enthroned on either hand | When clouds no longer hide thee | And all thy faithful band


Deus | Pro sua infinita clementia | Ecclesiae suae pacem | Et unitatem concedat | Augustissimam reginum.. | ..Nostram Elizabetham conservet.. | ..Et pacem universo reno... | Et omnibus Christianis largiatur


Serva reginam Domine | Da pacem in diebus nostris | Et exaudi nos in die | Quocumque invocamus te

 ST GEORGE G# 9-0-5

To George our Saint | Thou gavest grace | Without one fear | All foes to face | And to confess | By faithful death | That word of life | Which was one breath

 THE HOLY ROOD F# 12-2-0

With joy | I take this crown of thorn | Though sharp | Yet easy to be born


I bind unto myself today | The strong name of the Trinity | By invocation of the same | The three in one and one in three

The Company of Ringers of All Saints' Church Northampton is led by the Tower Captain, Bridget Paul. The practice at All Saints is on the first Wednesday of each month, and the bells are rung alternately for the morning and evening services. Potential new ringers and visitors are advised to call Bridget Paul on (01604) 832291 or visit the Northampton Ringing Website where the ringing diary is kept.


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